About Us

A subsidiary of PT.Karunia Wisata Bali Utama, Real Bali Holidays is founded by Luh Henny Cristiani and Made Dewi Mariana, two Balinese women that live and breathe strong values and cultures of the island. Bringing their love of their home island, Real Bali Holidays is nothing like the other cookie cutters travel agents. The experience that it offers is designed to accommodate everyone’s cup of tea (or Balinese coffee, should you wish). Customization is the key. Combined the detailed planning and seamless execution by none others than Balinese fellows, making it the right choice to trust Bali holidays.It is the way how it should be remembered: be it adventurous solo trips discovering secret beaches and trekking mountains; relaxing family leisure; romantic couple affairs or uniquely themed business meetings, nobody does Bali favors like the Real Bali Holidays does.

What We Do

Inbound Bali Tours (individuals; families and tour groups)

From one person’s bucket list to pleasing everybody within a large group, it takes knowledge and passion to understand in order to create the perfect itinerary. Leave it to Real Bali Holidays to create a special custom plan to ensure that each minute of your being on the island does not go unimpressive.

Honeymoon and Romance

Privacy and seclusion are every couple’s dream. Real Bali Holidays work with these two elements in mind to assure that couples do not share their precious moments like others do.

Inspirational Business

The island itself offers blue sky, fresh air and lush green/tantalizing turquoise scenery that are treats to sights and scents. Leave the rest to Real Bali Holidays for the total hassle free organization of nitty-gritties and other details from venue choice, themed coffee break and meal menu as well as location accessibility.

Transportations; Land, Air and Sea

Real Bali Holidays owns a vast network of comfortable shuttles, coaches, family cars to commute around the island. Elevate the experience with island hopping with unforgettable cruises on speed boats; luxury yachts or even phinisi ships. All within one single touch point: Real Bali Holidays.


Bali is home to over 3,000 lodging and accommodation venues that cater to every wish. From budget to themed private villas sprawling over 500sqm; independently owned and crafted bungalows to award winning and internationally renowned chain brands; they selections are too good to be true and yet can be overwhelming for travelers. Real Bali Holidays enjoys the privilege of great partnerships with these venues, allowing it to extend handpicked and filtered options to guests at the best possible rates for your enjoyment.

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Events and Weddings

With skilled manpower in-house we proud ourselves to commit into turning your events turn into smooth affairs. From corporate gatherings to large scaled weddings, we possess experiences to source everything required from logistics to post event documentations delivered to you in timely manner. Just brief us on your expectations, let us turn the expectations into a flawless production for you and your guests to enjoy.

Fast track airport assistance (Arrival and Departure)

Spare no time when it comes to flying and landing. Left the nitty gritty on us, we will take care all arrangement on Visa On Arrival, immigration and custom, luggage check-in and collection. You will only need to glide through your way at Bali International Airport of NgurahRai.

Real Bali Holidays also does beyond Bali tour. Indonesia is a country with complete destinations for all. So, we give you chance to choose one or two packages of Beyond Bali, where you’ll be guided to most favorite places in Indonesia with customization based on your need. If you know Yogyakarta, Malang, Bandung, TanaToraja, Lombok, and Raja Ampat, those are the places we have chosen for you to explore.

And to fulfill further wishes of yours, we create International Packages which will bring you out from Indonesia. You can pick your favorite country and you also have options on how long you want to waste for your sweet escape.

We, Real Bali Holidays, provides you more than a splendid holiday, but an unforgettable trip in a different way. If you choose us to take care of your holiday, it will be your most real holiday of all.

Image sources: flickr.com